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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Vindoo and Pravesh fight in Bigg Boss

Monday was a tense atmosphere for bigg boss house as Vindoo, Pravesh and Raju Shrivastav were nominated. Vindoo said something about 'AUKAADH' that dint go well with Pravesh. Pravesh created a huge scene telling him that Vindoo has not done anything on his name, except for using his father's name. Though Vindoo apologized for behavior and said that he had not said things that were being accused, Pravesh continued rambling Vindoo lost his cool and they were about to get in fist cuffs when other people exasperated them.

In the heated argument it was visible that Pravesh was behaving very arrogantly. After the aukaad thing, Pravesh jumped on to a topic discussing about Poonam and though Vindoo asked him what was the derogatory thing that he had said, Pravesh just harped 'derogatory, derogatory'. Pravesh declared that since he has come from sms votes, no one will be able to throw him out, and he will go much ahead. He claimed that Vindoo begs for votes and he doesnt need such things.


  1. Pravesh is really really required to go out . But in this tussle between Vindoo and Pravesh , Raju should not get evicted . He is the most deserving candidate to win this show.

  2. Pravesh is arrogant, he should definitely go out. I will vote for Vindoo...



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